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Herd Health Science that supports the healthy life of dairy cows

Veterinary Herd Health Unit Professor, Shin Oikawa, DVM, PhD , Professor, Shin Oikawa, DVM, PhD


Dairy cows are milked daily while living in the barn. Cows living in groups spend their time eating, sleeping, urinating and defecating, and communicating with other animals. This barn is a “bed / restaurant / toilet”, and by providing cows with a clean and comfortable space and a nutritionally balanced diet, they become healthy and return us a lot of high quality milk. Our unit (Veterinary Herd Health Unit) visits dairy farmers, monitors the health of animals and barn environments of dairy cows living there, and proposes improvement plans that prevent diseases and improve production by scientific and practical methods.

The barns and cows living there

Pictures with dairy farmers we visited

Pictures with dairy farmers we visited