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Hoof trimming provides a comfortable life for cows

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Do you know that hoof disease is a major problem in dairy farm? Hoof disease is a general term for a disease that causes pain due to a hole or crack in the hoof of a cow. Cows with hoof disease experience pain in their limbs every time they walk, which significantly reduces their comfort level.
The hoof disease is caused by the high speed of hoof growth and the resulting hoof deformities. In a natural environment, although the speed of hoof growth is high, the growth is well balanced with wear due to the friction with the ground by walking, which maintains an optimal hoof shape. On the other hand, cows on dairy farms living in artificial concrete environments have an imbalance between them. That is why, hoof diseases frequently occur in dairy farms due to the overgrowth and deformation of the hoof.
The job of a hoof trimmer is to maintain these cows’ hooves and prevent hoof diseases before they occur. Hoof trimmers play a very important role in the modern dairy and livestock industry and are an indispensable profession. In Japan, the Japan Farrier Association certifies cow hoof trimmers as Level 2 Certified Hoof Trimmer, which is the entry level qualification. Rakuno Gakuen University has supported the certification course and examination for five consecutive years, and the students are practicing daily to obtain the certification and to provide a comfortable life for cows.

削蹄前の伸びている蹄 蹄が伸びているため、左前肢は本来より前側に着地し、左後肢は外に向いて着地している

削蹄後 着地する位置も肢の向きも真っすぐになった

2級認定牛削蹄師試験の様子 牛を並べて係留し、受験者は二人で1頭を実際に削蹄する