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Report of JICA short-term Overseas Volunteer in Uganda

Ms. Hikari Sano Sixth grade veterinary student, Rakuno Gakuen University


Between January to March, 2024, I was dispatched as a JICA short-term Overseas Volunteer to the livestock disease diagnosis laboratory of the Ntumgamo Dairy Cooperative Association in the Republic of Uganda for about a month and a half. Our cooperative’s goal is to increase milk production, but the spread of mastitis is a serious issue. During my dispatch, I participated in the regular work of a local veterinarian and visited neighboring farms to understand the current situation. Through our activities, we have learned that lack of concept of dairy hygiene management and awareness of the problem of mastitis in a farmer is a factor contributing to the spread of mastitis within the farm. In the future, it will be necessary to disseminate hygienic milking methods and improve mastitis diagnosis techniques in the area.

Photo 1. Milk sampling for the mastitis diagnosis

Photo 2. Ms. Sano and local veterinary staf in front of the bulk milk tank in the Ntumgamo Dairy Cooperative Association, Uganda

Photo 3. Ms. Sano at a farm in Ntumgamo District, Uganda

Photo 4. Milking practice in a dairy farm in Ntumgamo District, Uganda

Photo 5. Blood samling for a disease diagnosis

Photo 6. Ms. Sano, a driver (left), and a local veterinarian (right) at a dairy farm