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Report of JICA short-term Overseas Volunteer in Uganda

Himika Numa 6th grade veterinary student, Rakuno Gakuen University

Date of Publication:2024.06.17

I worked as a JICA short term volunteer at Bishop Stuart University in Mbarara district, Uganda for one and half months, from January 31 to March 15, 2024.
With the aim of exchanging and providing knowledge, I assisted in data management classes and gave lectures about bacterial culture, and participated in various activities such as classes, practical training, and school worship to interact with the local people. I also worked at Rwentanga Farm Institute, a 30-minute drive from the center of Mbarara. Through the activities, I found that there was a lack of staff and laboratory equipment, which led students to a lack of knowledge. On the other hand, I could learn new things for me such as apiculture and farming. We should continue to interact with Bishop Stuart University.

East coast fever vaccination at a dairy farm in Kiruhura District

Group photo at the final reporting meeting at the Bishop Stuart University

Teaching students at the Rwentanga Farm Institute